Covercraft Custom Car Covers  
Best+ Best Better Good Fair Minimal
Outdoor Use Fair Fair Fair   Good Best Intense Sun Intense Sun Intense Sun
Indoor Use Good Better Better Better Best
Cost $$ $$$$ $$$$$ $$ $$$$$ $$$$ $$$$$$ $$$$$$
All-Weather Protection Good Best Better Better Best
Rain Better Best Better Good Best
Snow Better Best Better Minimal Best
Dirt / Dust Fair Fair Better Better Best Better Fair Best
UV Damage Better Better Best Best Best
Droppings Better Best Best Better Best
Breathability Best Best Best Good Good Good Best Good
Heat Insulation Fair Good Good Better Good Good Good Good
"Soft" Touch Good Best Best+ Good Best Better Good Better
Ding Protection Minimal Better Best Minimal Minimal Minimal Better Fair
Ease of Handling in Wind Fair Fair Better Fair Fair
Mildew / Rot Resistant YES YES YES YES YES
Storage Space Required Medium Medium Medium Small Smallest Small Medium Medium
Wash Home1 Home1 Home1 Home1 Home1 Home1 Comm. Comm.
Dry Low Heat Low Heat Low Heat Air/Low Heat Medium Heat Medium Heat Air Low Heat
Limited Warranty2 90 Days 90 Days 4 Years* 3 Years 4 Years 5 Years* 6 Years* 6 Years*

  * New warranty effective with purchases since December 1, 2015.
  1 Smaller covers can be washed at home but commercial washers provide the best cleaning & rinse.
  2 Warranty is for defects in material and workmanship & against the fabric becoming unserviceable. We will repair or replace after factory inspection.